Agewise Housing Solutions

Housing Solutions for Older Adults


Agewise Housing Solutions offers consultant services at the intersection of aging and housing to those who wish to plan and prepare for a home which will meet their needs now and into the future, in order to support successful aging in their home for as long as possible.  Planning ahead can put you on the right course toward making your home a more desirable, comfortable, safer and easier place to live and maintain independence, even in the face of unexpected circumstances.

Personalized services include:

  • A Comprehensive Home Assessment and Consultation – to better understand how well the home meets the client’s lifestyle and needs.  Includes a review of the home, inside and out, dialogue for a clear understanding of the client’s desires, values, priorities, challenges and goals, and review of social and financial considerations, as relevant.
  • Recommendations and prioritizing of age-friendly design solutions of spaces both inside and outside of the home, set forth in a Home Assessment Report.
  • Recommendations, as appropriate, on a range of alternative housing solutions, which might be more conducive to maintaining independence, when a home would be too difficult or costly to modify for successful aging.

Additional services:

  • Guidance and assistance in implementation of solutions
  • Referrals to Contractors, Equipment Installers, Real Estate and other professionals
  • Coordination with other professionals and serving as intermediary to translate solutions that meet your needs and objectives
  • Facilitation of discussions between family members
  • Guidance with applications for home modification financial assistance
  • Personalized recommendations for desirable housing alternatives
  • Evaluation of homes considered for purchase or rental
  • Assistance navigating opportunities for affordable housing
  • Assistance or referrals to others to ease transitions


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