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Welcome to the Agewise Housing Solutions Blog, where you can find information and thoughts about the intersection of aging and housing.  In this space, we will consider the home and what makes it a good home for successful aging, meaning a home that is comfortable, affordable, safe, accessible, and which promotes independence and access to community, even as one gets older.

Baby boomers, like myself, are entering the ranks of older people.  We are not a homogeneous crowd, but we surely impact trends as we move through life’s many stages.  We live in a world where housing in many of our communities was built for a young population with children.  It was built for us.  But now, many of us are in homes which we love, but which may no longer fit our current needs, or where we may find barriers that are not welcoming for guests of all abilities.  As we age, it is important to consider the central importance of the home in our lives and to be proactive.

This blog will cover topics related to home modification as well as thoughts on alternative models of housing that can work well for all ages, or specifically for an older population.  We will look at trends related to housing need, including the need for housing for people across the social and economic spectrum.  This blog will also consider housing within the context of community.   Here you will find links to resources and interesting articles and reports related to these topics.

As people age, most desire to remain in the home where they currently live.  A 2010 national survey conducted by AARP found that among respondents 65 and older, 78% of those strongly agreed with the statement that they would like to stay in their current residence as long as possible.  Most also strongly agreed that they would like to remain in their community for as long as possible. Yet there can be many barriers. So, lets begin the conversation of aging and housing.   And may we be inspired to make wise choices in our own housing.

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