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Housing is the key to a safe and secure life.  It is the roof over our heads; the place we claim as our own. Many say, “Home is where the heart is”.   It is a place of memory and family.  Home in all its variations can become central to an identity and keeps people grounded in who they are, providing stability and comfort.  Most people wish to age in their own homes.  Yet, a home which may have been a great place for a young family may not be designed well for aging.  With planning and preparation, you can significantly enhance your success at independence in your own home or community.  Agewise Housing Solutions can guide you through this journey.

Are you a baby-boomer or older adult looking to remain independent in your home as long as possible?  

Are you thinking about modifying or updating your home, and want to incorporate features that will make living in your home easier? 

Are you concerned that your home is not easily accessible or welcoming to loved ones and guests, or that it might not work well for you or a family member, now or in the future? 

Are you experiencing some difficulties making use of all parts of your home now or accomplishing your daily tasks there?

Are you, or others who care about you, concerned about your safety in the home? 

Are you at a crossroads, trying to choose between remaining in your home or looking for a new home which might better suit your needs?

Agewise Housing Solutions can help you sort through these questions.  We can help you to think systematically about your own home and what it means to you, as well as your personal, social and physical needs, and how well your home fits with your needs.

Agewise Housing Solutions can help you to make wise decisions by planning ahead for a home that will last you a lifetime.  Designing wisely means making choices, within your budget, that will allow your home to be easy for you to use, easy to get around in, comfortable and a safer place to live.  It also means a home that reflects your lifestyle and tastes, and is welcoming to your family and friends of all ages and abilities.

Agewise Housing Solutions offers Aging + Housing consultant services to help individuals assess their home and make wise decisions about effective housing solutions.  Suggested solutions might include changes big and small to modify the home.  For those considering a move, or whose home might be too difficult or expensive to modify satisfactorily, solutions might also include suggestions of alternative housing choices which might better meet a client’s goals and needs, as a place to successfully age with grace and independence.

Learn more About Agewise Housing Solutions and the range of Services we provide to individuals and to communities to support housing choices and solutions which enhance successful aging in place. And please check out the Agewise Housing Solutions Blog, where we will offer food for thought on topics at the intersection of Aging and Housing.

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