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Housing is the key to a safe and secure life.  It is the roof over our heads; the place we claim as our own. Many say, “Home is where the heart is”.   It is a place of memory and family.  Home in all its variations can become central to an identity and keeps people grounded in who they are, providing stability and comfort.  Most people wish to age in their own homes.  Yet, a home which may have been a great place for a young family may not be designed well for aging.  With planning and preparation, you can significantly enhance your success at independence in your own home or community.  Agewise Housing Solutions can guide you through this journey. Continue reading

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Welcome to the AHS Blog

Welcome to the Agewise Housing Solutions Blog, where you can find information and thoughts about the intersection of aging and housing.  In this space, we will consider the home and what makes it a good home for successful aging, meaning a home that is comfortable, affordable, safe, accessible, and which promotes independence and access to community, even as one gets older.
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